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six feet | between us

outdoor installation


six feet | between us is a temporary outdoor arts installation of poetry broadsides and photographic prints produced by poet Kevin Andrew Heslop and photographer Derek Boswell and co-curated with Danielle Hoevenaars for installation at Heaven Scent in Wortley Village, London, ON. Originally installed inside Western University's McIntosh Gallery (Jan-Feb. 2022), this wabi-sabi-inspired work will erode throughout the month of May 2022 as a meditation on material and aesthetic impermanence and the social disintegration caused by human response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


derek boswell

Derek Boswell is a Canadian artist, born in 1995, in London, Ontario. Derek’s work primarily centres around the medium of photography and draws from his wide-ranging explorations of topics such as the Anthropocene, esoteric photographic techniques, and the role of photography’s truthful traditions in a post-truth world. Derek is a graduate of Western University's Visual Arts program and is currently a teacher-candidate at Althouse College.

kevin andrew heslop

Kevin Andrew Heslop is a polydisciplinary doofus whose debut poetry collection the correct fury of your why is a mountain, "read with admiration" by Nobel Prize-winning novelist J.M. Coetzee, appeared with Gordon Hill Press in 2021 and whose work as a poet, filmmaker, curator, playwright, and journalist has appeared or is forthcoming, respectively, with Guernica Editions (2022), Collusion Books (2021), The Fiddlehead (2020), Anstruther Press (2020), and Frog Hollow Press (2019); the Toronto Short Film Festival (2022), the Los Angeles International Film Festival (2022), the Milan Gold Awards (2022), and the Paris Play International Film Festival (2022); McIntosh Gallery (2022), Heaven Scent (2022), and Westland Gallery (2023); TAP Centre for Creativity (2022); and The Devil's Artisan (2021) and The /tƐmz/ Review (2022), for which Kevin currently serves as Poetry Editor and Resident Interviewer. His practice is located southwest of where Deshkan Ziibi antlers unceded through London Township Treaty (1796) territory.

danielle hoevenaars

Based in London ON, Danielle Hoevenaars works primarily in ceramics and as a member of the London Clay Art Centre. Much of her sculptural work explores the aesthetic of the human body and of hands in particular. Her Lake Series uses bathymetry charts, which record the depth of lakes, to create relief tiles for the wall. Danielle graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo and is currently a Director at Westland Gallery.

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